Public notice

Commissioning of "Designated Settings" Residential and Nursing Care

Standing up of additional bed capacity to support Covid 19 discharges from Hampshire Hospitals.

Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with Health and NHS partners, are looking to commission bedded services in the Independent Sector for ''Designated Settings' in response to new government guidance.

These are beds which will only support individuals who have been swabbed as Covid 19 positive, on their discharge from Hospital, specifically for a 14 day isolation period.

Whilst there is no written Specification for these beds, there is some guidance on the CQC website as to what this service should be able to provide.

We are awaiting further guidance.

Any Home who wishes to offer beds as a Designated Setting will need to be specifically inspected by CQC and be agreed as a formal Designated Setting for a specific group of beds and will need to be submitted for inspection by their relevant Local Authority

If this is something that you feel your service may be interested or able to offer, then please contact Denise Graham on


Denise Graham CV19 Commissioning/Hospital Flow