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Bullington Cross, Sutton Scotney, SO21 3FN

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Planning Applications from Hampshire County Council in Test Valley area

Notice of Application for Planning Permission

Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015

Proposed development

at: Bullington Cross, Sutton Scotney, SO21 3FN

by: Bryan Hirst Recycling Ltd

Hampshire County Council has received an application for planning permission for:

Change of use of land from agriculture to parking and storage ancillary to the Bryan Hirst Recycling Centre on the opposite side of the A30 to the recycling centre

Members of the public may inspect copies of the application, the plans and other documents submitted with the application on the Strategic Planning website at or by making arrangements directly with the Case Officer to view a paper copy of the application.

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this application should make their comments online at the Strategic Planning website at the address given above or write to Strategic Planning, Economy, Transport & Environment Department, Elizabeth II Court West, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8UD, by 12 November 2021. Representations must include a name and address to be accepted. Anonymous or confidential representations will not be accepted. The details provided will only be held for the purposes of considering your representation. As part of the statutory process your name, address and comments will be on deposit with other application documents, will be available for public inspection and will also be published on our website. Strategic Planning's Privacy Notice provides more information on how we manage personal data

Stuart Jarvis

Director of Economy, Transport & Environment Department

15 October 2021


Strategic Planning 01962 846746