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Hampshire County Council Temporary Event Closure – Fox Lane, Hart, Eversley & Cali FC Tournament 2024

' The following road will be temporarily closed sometime during the next 5 days, with an approximate start date of 23/06/2024











Highways – Temporary Road Closure from Hampshire County Council in Hart area

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 that Hampshire County Council, because of an event on or near the road, considers that the closure to the road mentioned below should come into force without delay to allow the Eversley & Cali FC Tournament to take place on the Sunday 23rd June 2024.


ROAD TO BE CLOSED: that part of Fox Lane between its junction with Reading Road and its junction with Halls Way (Fox Lane will have one entrance closed allowing one way traffic flow in and out of the main car park).


DURATION OF ORDER: from Sunday 23rd June 2024 for a maximum period of 5 days or until completion of the event whichever is sooner.  (Notwithstanding, it is expected that the closure will be required for no longer than 1 day between the hours 08:00-18:30).


A copy of this notice can be viewed: Telephone enquiries to: Hampshire County Council, Roads and Transport 0300 555 1388.


PATRICK BLOGG Director of Universal Services, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD




0300 555 1388

Email: [email protected]