Public notice

Temporary Road Closures - Various Roads, Countywide 2018 (No40)

The following roads will be temporarily closed sometime during the next 18 months.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Hampshire County Council intends making an order in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 S.14 because of works on or near the road.

ROADS TO BE CLOSED: those parts of the following roads:

Planned Maintenance Programme :

1) Grebe Close Footpath, Alton, East Hampshire between its junction with Gilbert White Way and its junction with Grebe Close.(between property numbers 49-54).

2) Woodcote Green Footpath, Fleet, Hart between its junction with Woodcote Green and its junction with Tavistock Road.

3) Tavistock Road Footpath, Fleet, Hart between its junction with Tavistock Road and its junction with Merivale.

4) Pook Lane, Warblington, Havant between its junction with Church Lane and its junction with A27 Havant Bypass.

Surface Dressing Programme - Basingstoke Area :

1) Ivy Down lane, Oakley from Andover road to junction with Summers Down lane

2) Ecchinswell road Bishops Green from junction with Hydes Platt to county border (bridge)

3) Knowle cresent, Kingsclere from Basingstoke road until end

4) Garden close, Kingsclare from Knowle cresent until end

5) Highhams close, Kingsclere from Knowle cresent until end

6) Cottington close, Kingsclere from Knowle cresent until end

7) The Dell, Kingsclere from Basingstoke road until end

8) King John road, Kingsclere from George street until end

9) Wheathold, Fair Oak from Wolverton road to Little Knowl Hill

10) Church lane, Wolverton from Wolverton road until end

11) Hydes Platt, Eccinswell from Sydmonton road until Eccinswell road

12) Deans lane, West Heath from the Common to Old Chapel lane

13) Aldermaston road, Baughurst from junction with Winston avenue to Salters Heath lane

14) Pamber road, Silchester from Wall lane to Silchester road

15) Wall lane, Silchester from Little London road to Church lane

16) Poorsfarm Road, Old Basing from Newnham lane to Ashmoor lane

17) Water End Lane, Newnham from Pot lane to A30

18) Andwell Lane, Mapledurwell from the A30 to Greywell road

19) Blaegrove Lane, Mapledurwell from Blackstocks lane until end

20) Station Road, Cliddesden from Hackwood lane to Northgate lane

21) Hoopersmean, Cliddesden from Station road until end

22) Southwood Farm lane, Bradley from Berrydone lane until end

23) Wield road, Preston candover from Alresford road until Preston Candover road

24) Preston Candover road, Wield from Wield road until junction with Wield road

25) Bugmore Lane, Preston Candover from Alresford road until end

26) Dummer Down Lane, Dummer from Duxford lane to Up street

27) Waltham lane, North Waltham from Burley lane until Church road

28) Crux Easton lane, Crux Easton from A343 until end

29) Roman road, Basingstoke from Rbt Ringway North to Roman way

30) Solbys road, Basingstoke from Southend road to Rochford road

31) Grove Service road, Basingstoke from Grove road until end

32) Chesterfield road, Basingstoke from Grove Service road to Parkside road

33) Westfield road, Basingstoke from Hackfield road to Parkside road

34) Parkside Road, Basingstoke from Westfield road until end

35) Grove road(part), Basingstoke from grove road until end

36) Park Gardens, Basingstoke from Grove road (part) until end

37) Whistler close, Basingstoke from Grove road (part) until end

38) Munnings close, Basingstoke from Gainsborough road until end

39) Rubens Close, Basingstoke from Gainsborough road until end

40) Landseer close, Basingstoke from Gainsborough road until end

41) Constable close (spur), Basingstoke from Constable close until end

42) Turner close, Basingstoke from Black Dam way until end

43) Reading road(part), Chineham from the A33 to Reading road

44) Gershwin road, Basingstoke from Brighton way to Brighton way

45) Summer Down lane, Hannington from the A339 to Meadham lane

46) Rectory lane, Hannington from Summer Down lane to the Kingsclere road


Planned Maintenance Programme :

1) Gilbert White Way, Grebe Close

2) Tavistock Road, Woodcote Green

3) Tavistock Road, Merivale

3) None available

Surface Dressing Programme – Basingstoke Area :

(3,4,5,6,7,8,10,19,21,22,25,28,29,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42) None required.

1) Andover road, Malshanger lane

2) Ecchinswell road, A339, Newbury road, Knightsbridge lane, Hyde lane

9) Little Knowl Hill, Brimpton road, Inhurst lane, Wolverton road

11) Sydmonton road, Foxs lane, Ecchinswell road

12) West Heath road, Stoney Heath, Monk Sherborne road, White Hart Lane

13) New road, Silchester road, Little London road, Pamber road, Wall lane, Pamber road, Silchester road, Mulfords hill, Tadley hill, Main road

14) Wall lane, Soke road, Reading road, Mulfords hill, Silchester road

15) Bramley road, Bramley road (3 ashes), Church lane

16) Newnham lane, Pot lane

17) London road, Ashmoor lane, Pot lane

18) Greywell road, Blackstocks lane, London road

20) Hackwood lane, Northgate lane

23) Arlesford road, Farleigh road, Red lane, Berrywood lane, Windmill lane, The Drove, Lower Wield Lane

24) Wallops Wood lane, Harrow lane, Yew Tree lane, The Drove, Lower Wield lane, Wield road

26) Duxford lane, Winchester road, Roman road, Up street

27) Steventon road, Stubbs Hill, Ashe Park lane, Andover road, London road, Burley lane

29) Roman way, Worting road, Churchill Way West, Ringway West, Ringway North

30) Rochford road, Rayleigh road, Southend road

43) Reading road A33, Faraday road, Wade road, Great Binfields road, Reading road A33

44) Brighton way

45) Meadham lane, Stubbington lane, Winchester road, Swan street, Ashford Hill road, Kingsclere Bypass, Kingsclere road

46) Kingsclere road, Summer Down lane

DURATION OF ORDER: from 15th October 2018 for a period of 18 months – except items 1,2,3 (Planned Maintenance Programme) for a period of 6 months. (This is the duration of the Order, not the works, which will vary according to technical requirements. Closure times and patterns will be indicated on site prior to and whilst the works are in progress.) Reasonable facilities will be provided to allow access to adjacent premises while the work is being carried out.

(A copy of this notice can be viewed: Telephone inquiries to: Hampshire County Council, Roads and Transport 0300 555 1388.

STUART JARVIS Director, Economy, Transport & Environment, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD



0300 555 1388