Public notice

Older Persons Market Engagement

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is seeking to engage with organisations in order to better understand potential future capacity within the Older Persons market.

Hampshire County Council Adults Health & Care invites organisations to participate in an online Market Engagement questionnaire. Feedback from providers who currently, or may consider in the future, providing any type of care in the community, care at home and / or within Extra Care schemes are asked to contribute.

The target stakeholder groups are organisations currently delivering care in the community and those who might consider doing so in the future.

The questionnaire and further information can be found on the Councils online tendering website:

This opportunity is listed under the tenders tab. Please express an interest in order to access the questionnaire.

Registration is free and the questionnaire is available until the submission deadline of 17:00 on Friday 12th April 2019.

The information declared within this notice is subject to change.

Participation in these market engagement opportunities will not support or disadvantage any potential bidder through any procurement process. HCC confirms that none of the information provided within this questionnaire will be used in any evaluation of any subsequent response to a procurement exercise.


Chunmei Zhang