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Procurement Opportunity - Eastleigh Younger Adults Extra-care Scheme (In-Tend Project Reference Number AS13265)

Hampshire County Council invite suitably experienced providers to tender for the provision of social care services within a newly purpose built supported living scheme (known as a "Younger Adults Extra Care" service) located within the town of Eastleigh in central Hampshire. The service is being developed to support people with a range of disabilities and complex social care needs, including physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health needs, as well as needs associated with autistic spectrum disorder. Providers should note that it is not a requirement of the service that all residents will have a learning disability. Support Providers need to be able to cater for the needs of any potential resident. The contract being tendered is part of Hampshire County Council’s Adults Health and Care transformation programme. This programme is intended to reduce the reliance on the use of residential care by people with disabilities and instead promote individuals’ independence and choice through commissioning and procuring services that will deploy a supported living model of service delivery. Providers should note that the contract is being procured via a mini-competition procurement exercise and will be a call-off contract from the Hampshire Accommodation Development and Support Options Model (HADSOM) Open Framework. Providers wishing to participate in the mini-competition must already have applied to and subsequently been invited to join the Hampshire Accommodation Development and Support Options Model (HADSOM) Open Framework.

The accommodation for the service is being newly built and is in the process of completion. The accommodation is owned by Hampshire County Council and comprises 18 single occupancy self-contained flats together with some scheme communal areas within a single building complex. The flats will be leased to a Registered Provider, acting as a lease holder for the Council, who will grant tenancies to the individual service users. Support will be provided within a supported living environment, service users being supported to manage and maintain their tenancies, to live as independently as possible, and to access their local community and its resources. The service will support individuals to have as much choice and control of their lives as possible, and to maximise their skills within their capabilities. The core of the service delivery will be about positive risk taking, positive behaviour support and least restrictive practice. There will also be a focus on excellent support from staff and management of the scheme.

The initial contract term will be 3 years, with scope at the Council's discretion for 2 additional extension periods each of up to 2 years.There is an anticipated contract start date of Thursday 1st August 2019 to enable pre-tenancy support, assessment and transition activity prior to a phased move-in of individuals starting from an anticipated service opening date of November 1st 2019.

The start date for the contract will be subject to change at the Council's discretion and will be dependent on the progress of the building works. The level and chronology of the contract funding and the timing of the phased move-in will also be dependent on the completion date of the building and may therefore also be subject to change.

During the lifetime of the contract (which may include during any period of extension that the Council exercises the option to take up) it is intended that the capacity of the service will be increased to 24, through the construction, on-site, of a separate building containing 6 self-contained units. These units will be specifically for service users who have physical disabilities.

The maximum annual budget available for the Eastleigh YAEC service when operating at an 18 unit capacity will be up to £1,741,962.50 p.a.

The maximum annual budget available specifically for the additional 6 units of capacity (should the service capacity be increased from 18 to 24 during the life of the contract) will be up to £536,550 p.a.

To support the establishment of this new service there will additionally be up to £33,000 available for the delivery of non direct contact management service activity. There will also be funding available, at a maximum cost of £6300, for the provision of up to 360 hours of pre-tenancy transition support ( at an average of 20 hours of support per prospective service user) for the first cohort of 18 service users only.    

Interested parties should register their interest in AS13265 Eastleigh YAEC via the In-Tend website from Monday 20th May 2019 and must complete and submit the tender return documents together with any additional supporting information requested by 14.00 hrs / 2p.m. on Thursday 20th June 2019.


Simon Crouch Adults Health & Care Procurement Team Hampshire County Council 3rd Floor West E2 Court Winchester SO23 8UQ