Agenda Item 6

Report to the

Date: 29 April 2009

Report by: Peter Murnaghan

tel: 01962 846920 email:[email protected]

Subject: Business Planning

Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is to approve an extension of the existing 2007-09 Business Plan to provide for business continuity.


That the Joint Committee approve the rolling forward of the existing 2007-09 Business Plan, pending consideration of a new Plan at the next meeting.


1. The Business Plan for Transport for South Hampshire (TfSH) covering the period June 2007 to May 2009 was approved by the Joint Committee on 16 October 2007. A new Business Plan will need to be adopted to take the partnership through to May 2011, commencing with the new political year in June 2009. The rationale behind aligning the TfSH Business Plan to the political years, rather than the financial calendar, was to allow incoming Members, during an election year, to influence the Plan, rather than to be committed to a pre-existing Plan based on an April start. As the next meeting of the Joint Committee will take place in late June, the opportunity will be provided to approve the new Plan. In turn, the new Business Plan will need to be adopted by the three highway authorities through their own decision-making systems, before taking effect. To allow time for this process, it is considered pragmatic to roll forward the existing Business Plan, to provide for business continuity.

2. A monitoring report on the performance of the existing Business Plan will be presented to the next meeting of the Joint Committee, together with a proposed Business Plan for the period 2009-2011.

3. The new Plan will recognise the considerable successes that the partnership has made, including the productive work with key transport stakeholders; the award of funding for schemes such as Bus Rapid Transit Phase 1, Junction 5 improvements on the M27; and the bringing forward of the Regional Funding Allocation for the Access to Southampton and Tipner packages. Good progress is being made with the Tipner access arrangements, which are the subject of a separate presentation to this meeting, and assembling data for an evidence base.

4. Funding will be even more critical in the coming period, in view of the economic downturn. It will be vital to prepare robust business cases, backed up by solid evidence to justify the schemes as priorities for Regional Funding, together with commitments and contributions from other sources. The new Plan will build upon the achievements to date and seek to assemble resources to develop the next tranche of major schemes, including:

5. At the same time, work will become ever more critical to manage the operation of the road and rail networks, to avoid overcrowding and congestion, accompanied by measures to contain the growing travel demand being implemented through local planning authorities and other partner organisations.

6. A provisional workplan for the coming period is attached. There is a gap between the resources that were assembled to deliver the first Business Plan aspirations and those that will be needed to deliver the transport elements of the South Hampshire Strategy set out in the South East Plan. With the rate of scheme development necessary and the considerable scale of individual schemes, it will be necessary to address an enhancement to the resources available for the new Business Plan at the next meeting.


7. Rolling forward the existing Business Plan will allow for business continuity, while a new Plan for the period to 2011 is constructed. A report on the performance of the existing Business Plan, together with a proposed plan and resources for the period from June 2009 to May 2011, will be presented to next meeting of the Joint Committee.

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Transport for South Hampshire Business Plan 2007-2009

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