Making an admissions appeal

Read these pages carefully before you get started

The Independent Appeals Service organises appeals for all community schools within Hampshire and some own admission authority schools. Please check the Independent Appeals Service schools list to ensure the IAS handles appeals for the required school. If the school you wish to appeal for is not on this list, you should contact the school directly for further information on how to lodge an appeal.

In Year Appeals

In year appeals can be lodged at any time and will be heard within 30 school days.

Main round appeals timetable for community and voluntary controlled schools

Appeals for September 2023 main round entry will be heard during the summer term and will follow the timetables:

School Admission Appeals Timetable for Year R and Year 3

School Admission Appeals Timetable for Year 7

Who can lodge an appeal?

Any parent or guardian who has been refused a school place for their child has the right to appeal the decision.

The Independent Appeals Service manages appeals for Hampshire's community and voluntary controlled schools. For academy, voluntary-aided, foundation and trust schools, appeals are managed by the schools' own governing bodies.

Please refer to the 'find a school' pages for information on individual schools.

Are there alternatives to appealing?

Before starting the appeals process, you should consider the alternatives:

Accept the school place you have been offered

If you are a Hampshire resident, you will have been offered an alternative school place. Accepting this place will guarantee that your child can start school, even if no places become available at your preferred school. This will not affect your right to submit an appeal or your child’s current position on a waiting list.

Remain on the waiting list for your preferred schools

Your child’s name will automatically be added to any waiting list where your application has been unsuccessful. When a place becomes available, it will be offered to the child who is at the top of this list at that time. The waiting list is ordered in accordance with each school's admissions policy.

Apply for an alternative school

If you wish to apply for a school that was not on your original application, you can do this by contacting the admissions team.

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