Independent Participant

As an ‘independent participant’ you can embark on the DofE Award, at any level, online and independently without the need to attend weekly sessions at a local DofE centre.

If your local DofE centre doesn’t offer a Silver or Gold level, you can embark on these as an ‘independent participant’ as well. You can also go straight to Silver or Gold without having achieved a previous level.

The process to register is simple. Once registered, you’ll be able to progress through your DofE activities in your own time with dedicated support from a DofE Adviser via email and telephone.

You are only able to apply to be an Independent Participant if you are currently a resident in Hampshire. Please do not complete an enrolment form if you do not live in Hampshire.

Participant enrolment form

  1. Complete the participant enrolment form
  2. Await confirmation that form has been received.
  3. You will be provided with a link to pay for your participant place. The email receipt must then be forward on to [email protected]
  4. You will be registered as an ‘Independent participant’ on eDofE.
  5. Log in to eDofE and complete the sign up process. A welcome pack will be sent out to the address you register on eDofE.
  6. DofE Adviser will call you to discuss your Award sections and Expedition/Residential opportunities. You’ll complete these online with your Adviser.
  7. Progress through your DofE activities in your own time with dedicated support from a DofE Adviser via email and telephone.

Receiving your DofE Award

Bronze and Silver Award

Once you have completed your programme of activities, and your Award has been approved, Hampshire County Council will send you:

  • a letter congratulating you on your Award
  • a badge
  • an invitation to an annual presentation evening held in your district

If you are unable to attend the presentation evening, contact [email protected] to request your certificate be sent to you.

Gold Award

Before you can complete your Gold Award, you will be asked to complete some extra details in eDofE. Once you have supplied these details, you will receive an invitation to the DofE Gold Award presentation at St James' Palace.

The DofE Hampshire Network also runs an annual Gold Award presentation during the summer in Winchester. You will receive your invitation to attend this Award presentation through your DofE leader once your Gold Award has been completed.