Quorn™ – healthy protein for people and planet

Quorn™ have worked in tandem with Education Catering for over ten years to help provide a unique product range which offers both a healthy and nutritious food choice for both pupils and staff.

Sustainability focus

Quorn™ share a vision to make food that meets the growing trend of consumers to live a healthier lifestyle and making better choices for the planet. Quorn’s™ product range meets the stringent guidelines set out by government to help provide a nutritious and sustainable protein source called mycoprotein. This has allowed them to be credited with both Carbon Trust and Food for Life supplier schemes which they believe are essential to help local authorities achieve their sustainability goals.

Did you know that according to the Quorn™ Footprint Comparison report (2018) the carbon footprint of Quorn™ mince is 90% lower than beef?

They also only use sustainable palm oil and are leading the way in its use as classified by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Quorn™ are also working hard to reduce their water use by 25% per tonne, reducing their packaging and ensuring it can be recycled and turned into something else.