Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen is a specialist manufacturer of 100% plant-based burgers and sausages now found on Education Catering school menus. The business grew out of Forest Green Rovers, the world’s greenest Football Club, who play in League 2 of the English Football League. Devil's Kitchen opened its kitchen in Gloucestershire in 2019, making burgers for fans on matchdays, and their Little Green Devils range, created especially for children and tested in Hampshire schools, is now served in over 4000 schools across the UK.

Part of the Green Britain Group, led by Dale Vince OBE, Devil’s Kitchen takes a greener approach to operating in the industries that create the most atmospheric carbon – energy, transport and food. And all proceeds from their work are reinvested into climate action projects.

Find out more by watching the below video especially created for Education Catering .

Devil's Kitchen logo

Sustainability focus

Some of the ways Devil’s Kitchen make food production in the UK more sustainable:

  • Their factory is powered only by 100% renewable energy from Ecotricity, the UK’s greenest energy provider.
  • They never use palm oil in their foods at all, nor any genetically modified ingredients, or air freighted ingredients.
  • Food products are packed into pioneering compostable case liners, rather than traditional plastic.
  • They have partnered with experts at Carbon Cloud to analyse the carbon impact of each ingredient used in their food products. So, they know that the carbon footprint of their food is about 90% lower than that of a beef burger of the same portion size.
  • Whilst their carbon footprint is small, they purchase carbon credits from United Nations-certified offsetting programmes. As a result, each product is supplied into our school kitchen is classed as net carbon neutral.