Heritage Fine Foods

With over 40 years in the fruit and vegetable industry, The Heritage Fine Foods company, based in Coate, near Devizes in the heart of Wiltshire, are one of two of our fruit and vegetable suppliers. A family-focused business who put their staff and their community first, they ensure the best possible service for customers like Education Catering.

They are SALSA certified which means they are certified to be safe, and local supplier. SALSA approval is open to small and micro food producers who operate from commercial premises in the UK. Approved suppliers must demonstrate they operate to standards that are recognized and accepted across the industry and exceed the minimum standards expected by enforcement authorities.

Strawberries growing in an orchard

Sustainability focus

Heritage Fine Foods has a fantastic relationship with local growers, farmers, artisans and suppliers, sourcing a varied supply of seasonal and fresh produce throughout the year which helps Education Catering buy sustainably. Wherever possible, Heritage sources produce from the Southwest or the UK, which helps build more resilient communities, whilst supporting local food artisans and farmers alike. One of their suppliers is The New Forest Fruit Company who hosted one of our schools for our British Food Fortnight outdoor learning event.

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