VIVA - making a positive difference to the future wellbeing of students

For over 35 years, dairy experts Lakeland Dairies have been bringing the goodness of milk to children at school through their popular range of VIVA Flavour Milks. A well-liked hydration choice available throughout the day, they also work hard to support the growth of healthy bones. Teenage years are a particularly important period for the development of life-long bone health.

Available in four flavours, each 200ml carton has a paper straw and contains 30% of RDI of calcium, and 40% of RDI of Vitamin D which is added to aid the absorption of calcium, essential when bones are growing rapidly in length and strength!

We are delighted to be working with Education Catering to support the provision of calcium rich drinks and foods, like VIVA flavour milks, which play an essential role as part of a balanced diet in the lead up to adulthood.

Sustainability focus

As a 100% farmer-owned, Irish Dairy Co-Operative established almost 130 years ago, building a better future for all is key to the sustainability of Lakeland Dairies and its dairy farm families. Our strategy, Pathway to a Better Future, outlines our commitment to producing safe, nutritious, and sustainable food products for customers and consumers while working in harmony with the environment.

“Together, we’re shaping a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life for our people, our customers, our famers and our communities” Colin Kelly, Lakeland Dairies Group CEO

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