McCain Foods

We use a range of McCain potato products because they look appealing on the plate, taste fantastic and we know the product quality is really good when it reaches the plate.

Sustainability focus

We count on McCain Foods to help us serve great tasting potato chips and wedges to school pupils who count them as some of their favourites. This means our food waste is minimal because pupils are happily enjoying the food.

McCains potatoes are grown in the UK with many crops right here in Hampshire. We relish the fact that they are local and that we can support British growers. In 2020 McCain launched the McCain Potato Farmer Pledge by investing £25 million in the British potato industry to help British farmers manage the increasingly erratic weather caused by climate change as well as the impact of the pandemic. Plus, since 2018 they have reduced their plastic packaging by 22% and intend to reduce this by a further 14% by the end of 2023.

A tractor harvesting potatoes