Yeo Valley – putting nature first

Ubley yoghurts are produced by the makers of Yeo Valley, one of the best-known names in quality dairy products. The yoghurt is made using simple ingredients at the foot of the Mendip hills in Somerset.

Yeo Valley view

Ubley logo Now available for Hampshire schools, Ubley low fat strawberry yoghurt is offered on the lunchtime menu. The delicious strawberry recipe using chunks of strawberry for added vitamin C, is one that everyone enjoys, whilst being a good source of dairy protein as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Sustainability focus

Yeo Valley is a purposeful business, co-owned by its employees and in partnership with farmers. Striving to nurture and nourish people and planet by making great food, the right way, forever.

As a food and farming business Yeo Valley are driven to support both organic and non-organic farmers, sharing best practice to continuously improve social and environmental outcomes on farm. This includes improving biodiversity, advanced rotational methods, and high welfare.

Back at Yeo Valley manufacturing locations, they have reduced carbon emissions (CO2e) by 60% since 2015 and transitioned to cleaner fuel for internal shuttle vehicles by using hydrotreated vegetable oil.