Education Catering support Mary's Meals

  • 9,696
  • Bags of Tilda wholegrain rice purchased by Education Catering
  • 13,100
  • Number of meals Education Catering helped donate (over two academic years)

Mary's Meals provides life-changing daily meals to impoverished schoolchildren in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, where poverty and hunger can prevent a child from gaining an education.

Research shows that feeding children at school has a positive impact, as children who are not suffering from hunger are able to make the most of their education. By providing a daily meal in a place of education, chronically poor children are attracted to the classroom. They not only gain a nutritious meal, but also an education, which could be their route out of poverty.

Education Catering serves Tilda rice to its customers. Between the academic years 2020-2022, it has bought 9,696 bags of Tilda wholegrain brown and white rice. In two years, Education Catering has helped donate 13,100 meals. By using Tilda wholegrain brown and white rice, Education Catering provides healthy, balanced meals for pupils in the schools it serves, while also supporting the valuable work of Mary's Meals around the world.

Tilda continues to support the crucial work of Mary's Meals, despite the immense challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We support Mary's Meals

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