Are you ready to eat and defeat the veg?

Dec 12 2022

Immediately after February half term 2023 we’re supporting the Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign again, which aims to get more children eating vegetables and change children’s eating habits. Aimed at reception aged children through to Key Stage 2, it runs for five weeks focusing on a family favourite vegetable each week. In 2022 we reached 38.000 pupils.

Over 87% of schools and families stated they enjoyed the campaign and families reported their children ate more veg as a result. 67% of pupils said they were more likely to eat veg with their school lunch, which also means less food waste!

While other national healthy eating campaigns haven’t worked Eat Them To Defeat Them is successful because it taps into how children think; they can squash the evil veg by having the power to eat them and so defeat them.

Visit our Eat Them To Defeat Them activity page for fun activities everyone can join in with, even if your child’s school isn’t signed up this year. And if they are, look out for the puzzle pack to take home, decorated dining halls and delicious tasting tables featuring veg of the week, new school quizzes, reward stickers and more.

A young pupil with a tray of food