Catch our award-winning catering team on James Martin's Saturday Morning on ITV1 tomorrow

Mar 24 2023

Our award-winning school cook, Karen Ross, and three Year 6 pupils from Endeavour Primary School met up with legendary cook James Martin for his Saturday Morning Show to show how easy it is to get children eating veg.

In support of ITV’s 2022 campaign ‘Eat Them To Defeat Them’, in association with ITV Social Purpose, they watched James whipped up eight veg dishes before asking the children to taste test them while chatting through how Karen and her team have engaged children to eat more vitamin-rich veg.

Research shows that many parents struggle to get their kids to eat enough vegetables, but this campaign puts parents on the same side as their children to help them defeat the veg by eating them.

James succeeded in getting these three to enjoy parsnips, which they previously stated were “disgusting”, proving the campaign works!

In 2022 we won the VegPower Caterers’ Challenge and the Tilda Challenge, with a veg and rice recipe that the children at Endeavour Primary School created with our team and cooked together. The show airs at 9.30 am on ITV1.

A number of bowls and plates of food