HC3S starts the academic year with five new contracts

Sep 1 2023

Two first schools in Dorset, one school in Newbury and two schools in Hampshire have joined the HC3S portfolio of schools, including a brand-new special school, Light Years in Fareham.

HC3S are focused on maintaining food quality, meeting the School Food Plan and ensuring all pupils have access to a nutritious lunch to help them flourish at school.

School leaders were impressed with our local support and the partnership approach that fitted with their own vision. The additional value provided through healthy eating activities such as talks, assemblies and the campaigns to get children eating vegetables made a strong impression and knowing how well HC3S has supported other schools in their areas helped cement the contracts.

Dorset schools also highlighted that they were aware of our reputation for delivering nutritious food and our professional approach to how we guide the school to understand the school food plan.

HC3S pride themselves on being passionate about delivering strong partnership support and adapting to schools’ needs.