New Winter School Lunch Menu Launch

Oct 30 2023

Hampshire primary school children heading back to class this week will be served up a new lunch menu to help them flourish.

Research has shown that Hampshire teachers firmly believe that a hot school lunch helps children learn in the afternoon, and at £3 a meal for Key Stage 2 pupils (free for reception and KS1 pupils), the menu aims to provide value for money while prioritising nutritional health.

What’s on the menu?

Taste-tested by kids and new for the winter term, exciting dishes such as Italian-style chicken goujons, cottage pie and chicken curry have been added to the menu alongside favourites like spaghetti bolognaise. Many dishes are often packed with ‘hidden veg’ to ensure even the fussiest eaters enjoy the benefits of plant power.

A new plant-based burger and sausage have also been added to the line-up, with the sausage featuring in hot dogs and sausage puffs. Other new menu items include a protein-rich Somerset cheese and potato frittata, designed to maintain children’s energy levels, setting them up to learn.

For children who like familiarity, there's come favourites still on the menu. Meat lovers can be reassured that iron-rich roast beef remains a staple, despite the increase in beef costs, while fish fingers continue to be made with fillets, rather than the cheaper and less nutritious minced fish.

All meals still come with vegetables of the day and are 75 per cent cooked from scratch in school kitchens. Salad bars are available in most schools and fresh bread is baked in-house as part of a balanced school lunch.

Where can I find out more?

School menus are posted each day on @hc3seducation on Facebook or online, alongside lots more information – including suppliers, the focus on sustainability, recipes to recreate at home and tips on dealing with fussy eaters.

Meat free sausage puff roast

Chicken and oriental vegetable rice