Governors and Senior Leader Team join school councillors for school lunch and observe young leaders as role models

Jan 30 2023

Having been elected by their peers, 18 school councillors and house captains at South Wonston primary school gave their voice and opinions about the menu during a special school lunch observed by their school governors and the senior leadership team.

The governors were invited by the school to have a school meal with the children and see how mealtimes help learning and socialisation. The children were very conversational and brought along ideas.  Teachers were very complimentary and engaged during the session and the governors were impressed to learn that children help themselves to salad and bread to gain independence.

Emma McGlennon, District Manager for HC3S said: “I was delighted to hear directly from the pupils how much they enjoy school meals and learn about their favourite dishes: macaroni cheese, fish fingers, flapjack and chocolate brownies. The new salad bar has made a real difference in pupils eating more vegetables at lunchtime.”