How HC3S encouraged pupils to Eat Them To Defeat Them at special assemblies

Mar 20 2023

Over 600 pupils enjoyed a special Eat Them To Defeat Them assembly held by HC3S and their vegetable supplier The Fruit Basket, to encourage them to eat healthier diets including an increased number of vegetables.

Pupils successfully defeated peas using chopsticks at Rowner Infant School and learnt about vitamins in the veg. At Stanmore Primary HC3S also judged a school poster competition held by their school cook to create a buzz about school lunch. At Waterside Primary pupils learned all about where the ten featured vegetables were grown and in which season. All schools reported how much fun the children had and how they were then motivated to eat their veg, proving again how successful this is in changing behaviour to improve children’s health.

School boy eating peas with chopsticks

Abigail's winning artwork entry

School boy identifying squash