What's fresh at HC3S

Dec 12 2022

Spicing up lunchtimes, our new primary school menu to help children flourish starts after half term. We’ve brought back some pupil favoured dishes such as our plant-based bean and vegetable burrito and our cheese and onion slice, a take on the popular cheese and potato slice. And there’ll be a cheer for the return of the Yorkshire pudding, a perfect partner for our roast chicken dinner!

Quality and care for the environment is still central to our plate. Our suppliers work towards reducing their carbon footprint and support biodiversity. While some school caterers have chosen to remove more expensive beef for their roast in favour of gammon or turkey, we’re sticking with beef, for the iron needed in children’s diets to keep blood healthy and support healthy development.

Plate of chicken, rice and peas

New dishes include meals such nacho bites, developed exclusively for HC3S, drawing on how Mexican food is popular in households today. Children at Weeke Primary School are one of many schools who taste tested them to cries of “delicious!” A blend of haricot beans, sweet potato, sweetcorn and red peppers coated in a gluten free cornflake crumb, it means extra veg intake in a way pupils enjoy. Another new dish to look out for is our delicious fishcake, knowing how much children in Hampshire enjoy our succulent salmon and popular pollock.

School meals still come with plenty of vegetables, homemade bread and salad representing excellent value for school lunch.