We believe that you eat with your eyes so the start of that good food and drink experience is what you see and feel as you enter the dining space. We have made improvements to the flow and speed of service which is always busy with so many students. After all, no one likes to queue when they could be doing something more interesting, like enjoying their food or socialising with friends. 

Serving hatch at Hamble School 

As students, it’s all about the taste! It must taste good, and we know as students become more and more independent, they like to taste something new and often share views and are influenced by their friends. 

Our dishes have been adapted especially for each of our secondary schools to encourage pupils to taste and enjoy the dishes they love during their mid-morning and lunch breaks.  

A curry balti dish 


Thank you for providing healthy and better choices for Hampshire school meals which are not overpriced. Since my son started at one of Hampshire’s schools, I am a pleased mum whose son is not coming home hungry anymore as he always has the vegetarian options. A big thank you to the team who works so hard.
Ramandeep Rai, Secondary School Parent


A member of staff stocking shelves

So, whether you want a gluten free Bombay aloo tortilla wrap or are tempted by a mezze salad, or if a falafel and beetroot hummus pot take your fancy from our cold deli, there’s variety for all tastes. That’s on top of the usual rolls and sandwiches in our chiller of course! 

It’s important for mental and physical wellbeing that students stay hydrated, and our hydration station offers sugar-free sparkling flavoured water as well as mineral water and milk.

A school cafeteria

Good for our heart and good for the planet 

We know students are aware of climate change. It’s important to us too and that’s why we don’t use single-use plastic and prefer to use Vegware packaging for grab and go food and drink which means they can be composted. 

Students will also find vegan and plant-based options on our menus too which encourages eating less red meat. 

If you’re looking for pricing information for our secondary school drinks and dishes, view our price list.

A close-up of two veggie wraps