Customer feedback is important

When it comes to pleasing customers, they cut the mustard.

Your district manager is available to talk through proposals and take care of the service. But this doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how it’s going. Regular liaison is key and school leadership teams can also report their views in our annual schools’ survey so that we can continue to improve.

We listen to pupils and students through inviting the school council or student voice to lunch and listening to their thoughts and feedback about our menus.

We connect with thousands of parents and families all over Hampshire and neighbouring counties where we provide school meals through our popular Facebook page.

We hold focus groups and run surveys too which offer anonymous feedback.

Our research is used by our Food Development Team and Operations teams to devise a range of meal combinations and recipes that pupils and students want, yet which are bursting with nutrition.

To arrange a lunch for your school council or student voice, simply contact your district manager.

  • 96%
  • of schools who completed our survey in 2021 said our teams are part of their school community