Primary catering team of the year 2022

The Endeavour Primary School catering team have found many means to make a difference to pupils’ wellbeing and business targets. Some examples include:

  • Exceed average meals per hour targets
  • Increased their meals by 35% in comparison to 2019/20
  • Delivered moments of ‘fun’ on site – morale boosting during tough times
  • Easter and Valentines themed days with baked goods
  • Continuing to support their school’s environmental and social goals
  • Amazing commitment for the eat them to defeat them campaign to get kids eating veg

This team is in the top three Education Catering primary schools for meal numbers across Andover, a deprived area of Hampshire.

Catering staff in colourful aprons 

Staff at Endeavour School accept their award
Staff at Endeavour School accept their award
Staff and pupils at the Monster Veg Market
Staff and pupils at the Monster Veg Market
Three young pupils doing some cooking
Three young pupils doing some cooking
The whole team are such positive role models, who work alongside school in supporting the delivery of food awareness as part of our wider curriculum and embracing our school values. They will go out of their way in supporting school events and inspiring children (and families) to taste and try lots of different fruit, vegetables and other foods which they may not have experienced or tried before.

“The team do this in such innovative and inspirational ways. Involving pupils in the preparation of foods and creating fun and exciting ‘platters’ which encourage and embolden pupils to ‘have a try’.

“Pupils absolutely love to be involved in these events and activities. Not only do these events support pupil’s education of balanced nutrition and encourage them to eat an increased healthy and balanced diet, they support children’s wellbeing and metal health due to their engaging nature, giving time for pupils to talk to each other and other adults in school about worries and sharing successes or asking questions.

“Every child who is involved always finishes with a huge smile on their face and wants to be involved in another event. I am very proud to work alongside such a dedicated team.
Helen Palmer - Headteacher
“What makes the Endeavour Primary School catering team stand out is how they respond to challenges to achieve and exceed consistent standards whether that’s the daily meal operation or the extra events and health campaigns they immerse themselves in. This flexibility delivers commercial impact for us. They continually demonstrate that they are an exemplary catering team.
Amanda Whatley, Business Development Manager – Education Catering