About Education Financial Services

Education Financial Services are a professional agency within Hampshire County Council offering support to schools at all levels.

We work with governors, headteachers, business managers and finance officers to ensure that schools understand and manage their finances effectively.

Through our Service level agreement, we provide trusted support by qualified practitioners to complement the financial experience within schools.

The benefits of our services
  • We have a well established partnership relationship with Hampshire schools.
  • Trusted advice and support provided by qualified and experienced accounting practitioners with appropriate DBS check in place.
  • Support and advice available to all school representatives with financial responsibilities.
  • Support is readily available through telephone, e-mail and online guidance.
  • Support from a nominated finance advisor, who will provide visits to your school.
  • Access to the support of an area principal accountant (qualified accountant).
  • Due to the adaptability of the provision the financial services will complement and support the financial expertise held within the school.
Our service commitment

We are committed to delivering an outstanding level of support that delivers the services that you have told us are highly valued and important to you. We will:

  • Provide a comprehensive package of financial advice to ensure the best use of budgets and resources to support the educational outcomes for your school.
  • Deliver trusted advice and support, built on our expertise and in-depth knowledge of financial management in schools.
  • Recognise that every school is different enabling us to provide support tailored to your individual financial management requirements.
  • Provide the support of a nominated finance advisor who will visit and understand the unique requirements of your school.
  • Have a specialist team in schools finance available via our dedicated telephone and e-mail helpdesk support.
  • Maintain an up to date website and online support to ensure you have access to relevant information and guidance.
  • Continually review our service and regularly seek your views via customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Respond to your feedback to ensure the service continues to meet and responds to your requirements.
  • Offer a range of learning opportunities that will be evaluated at the end of each event to ensure they meet school requirements.
  • Respond to issues with the service delivery in a prompt manner.