Newly qualified teacher induction

Hampshire works as the Appropriate Body for around 600 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) every year, providing an excellent induction programme for all. The service that Hampshire provides includes:

  • registering your NQTs with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • receiving, reading and registering assessment forms
  • giving advice and guidance on the NQT Induction year
  • making you aware of any changes to regulations
  • supporting you with any concerns over the progress of any of your NQTs
  • access to NQT Manager (Hampshire’s paperless NQT Management system)
  • access for NQTs and Induction Tutors to the excellent training that Hampshire provides

Changes made to the funding for maintained schools for the statutory induction of NQTs, means that this service is now chargeable. Academies, Independent Schools and Colleges will also need to contract with Hampshire to provide this service. For more information or to subscribe to this service contact EPS.

Phone: 02380 383530


NQT manager

NQT Manager is Hampshire’s paperless NQT Management system. On NQT Manager you will find all you need to guide you through the year including:

  • personalised guidance for NQTs, Headteachers and Induction Tutors
  • training programme details for NQTs and Induction Tutors
  • useful proformas to use throughout the induction year

NQT Manager (requires a login).

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Department for Education (DfE) regulations state that no NQT may begin the induction year until the date when English QTS is awarded.

Teachers who train in Wales and whose first post is in an English school are subject to the same induction regulations as English trained teachers, and their QTS is valid in England.

Any teacher who can't provide evidence of Qualified Teacher Status can't be employed as a qualified teacher, and induction can't commence until the date is verified.

A QTS certificate may not have been issued for one of the following reasons:

  • the teacher trained in Scotland or Northern Ireland and has a Scottish/NI Qualified Teacher Status date but has not obtained English QTS. In these cases the award of English QTS is a formality but induction can't start until it has been awarded
  • the teacher trained in another country outside England or Wales and has to apply to be assessed against standards. Further information on Overseas Trained Teachers
  • the teacher has not passed one of the skills tests in numeracy, literacy and ICT, and so QTS has not yet been awarded
  • the teacher has been awarded their degree but the university has not recommended them for QTS

The following is regarding eligibility to carry out short term (less than one term) supply teaching as an NQT and other posts which can't be counted towards induction.

To avoid NQTs teaching for an indefinite time without undergoing or completing induction, DfE regulations state that an NQT may only do short-term or casual supply work for 5 years from the date that they have been awarded QTS before beginning or continuing induction.

A qualified teacher who gained QTS on or after 1 September 2007 who has not completed an induction period, can undertake short-term supply work of less than one term in a relevant school for a maximum period of 5 years from the point of award of QTS. This is a fixed time limit with no discretion to extend. Short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction, as such posts will not provide an NQT with the breadth of experience, support and assessment necessary to enable them to demonstrate that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory. Once the 5 years has passed the NQT is then not allowed to teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school until he/she takes a post that will count towards induction.

The head teacher/principal or supply agency is responsible for ensuring that a teacher who has not satisfactorily completed an induction period is eligible to carry out short term supply work.

It is not possible to backdate the start of an induction period if a short term supply contract is extended beyond one term. However, an induction programme must be put in place immediately it becomes clear that the extended contract will continue for a further term or more.

If an NQT takes a post for the equivalent of a term or more which involves regularly teaching the same class(es), teaching the whole primary curriculum (if in a primary school) and planning for, reporting on and assessing those classes, even if part-time and even if through an agency, the school must commence induction.

Suitable posts for induction

When a school considers recruiting an NQT to a post, they should ensure that they have the relevant supervision and training available to meet their development needs. This includes the appointment of an induction tutor with QTS and a headteacher/principal available to make a recommendation about whether the NQT’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory. The school also needs to ensure that they have the capacity to support the NQT and are able to facilitate a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s conduct and efficiency as a teacher against the relevant standards. These are particularly important considerations for schools in ‘special measures’ or ‘requires improvement’ categories to ensure that they can sustain the induction programme and not put the NQT at a disadvantage, as this could hinder their progress and ultimately result in them failing their induction. Note that schools in special measures should not be offering to take on an NQT for Induction unless Ofsted specify that they have the capacity to do so. An NQT already in place when special measures are announced may remain and continue with induction unless otherwise recommended.

The following are not exhaustive lists, but provide key points about the suitability of a post for Induction. For more guidance, see the Statutory guidance on induction for newly qualified teachers.

The post must:

  • provide the NQT with the necessary employment tasks, experience and support to enable them to demonstrate satisfactory performance against the relevant standards throughout and by the end of the induction period. Note that, although NQTs are able to do Induction on a part-time basis, EPS will not usually accept NQTs on Induction on less than a 0.4 basis – this is because EPS consider that such a post will not be able to provide the continuity and consistency of experience and support required
  • provide the NQT with a suitable monitoring and support programme, personalised to meet their professional development needs
  • provide the NQT with observations of experienced teachers either in the school or at another school where effective practice has been identified
  • provide the NQT with a reduced timetable to enable them to undertake activities in their induction programme. The timetable should be no more than 90% of the timetable of other main scale teachers in the school, which is in addition to PPA time that all teachers receive. In essence, as a minimum an NQT must receive 10% PPA and 10% NQT time
  • ensure that the NQT regularly teaches the same class(es) with similar planning, teaching and assessment processes to those in which other teachers working in similar substantive posts at the school are engaged

The post must not:

  • be short-term - supply work of less than one term cannot count towards induction, as such posts will not provide an NQT with the breadth of experience, support and assessment to enable them to demonstrate that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory
  • involve them in additional non-teaching responsibilities without the provision of appropriate preparation and support
  • just provide day to day cover of absent teachers, but involve teaching of the whole curriculum (in primary schools) or of one or more particular subjects (in secondary schools) place demands upon the NQT which are unreasonable and outside the age range and/or subject(s) for which the NQT has been employed to teach
  • present the NQT with disciplinary problems, that are unreasonably demanding on a day to day basis
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