Armed forces families

Hampshire Educational Psychology (HEP) is currently supporting parents in Service Families and schools with a high ratio of Service pupils. This is funded by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), and schools are using their Service Level Agreement (SLA) time with HEP or purchasing additional support using their Pupil Premium funding. We provide psychological support and emotional tools to promote emotional well-being for the child, parent and school.

To date, four schools have accessed this support. Psychological approaches to problem solving were used to empower parents to discuss issues and raise concerns. Parents reported an increase in confidence and a decrease in concern following the consultations, and comments following the discussion groups have been positive:

I enjoyed every single session and think it has helped and improved my daily life.
I thought it was very useful; lots of good information

Topics and issues that we cover

  • Separation and anxiety
  • Self esteem and friendship
  • Positive psychology and emotional well-being
  • Support for parents’ resilience and resourcefulness
  • Facilitating school’s thinking and planning

We are really keen to extend this invaluable work to more schools. We welcome any schools that may wish to use their increased pupil premium for Service families or utilise their service level agreement to purchase this work from HEP. Alternatively schools can apply to the MOD for funding.

For further information, contact

Name: Jane Hogg
Email: [email protected]
Name: Anne Hart
Email: [email protected]

The multifaceted intervention

  • Training for school staff
  • Parent consultation sessions with two EPs, held at the school
  • A set of 3 informal parent discussion group sessions, facilitated by EPs.
  • Discussion group work with active Service personnel on base.

This intervention fills a gap in support for Service Families and schools. HEP is well placed to offer this support drawing on our excellent evidence based knowledge of psychology.