Exams for EHE students

Public exams in Summer 2021

The Department for Education has published guidance Awarding qualifications in summer 2021 - GOV.UK.  Private candidates will be assessed in a similar way to other students, by a recognised exam centre using an adapted range of evidence, which includes taking the exam board provided assessment materials in a suitable form. DfE will ensure that sufficient centres are available to assess private candidates and that the costs are not significantly increased compared to a normal year.

Published list of exam centres

Funding for taking exams

There is limited funding available, so a child must be eligible to receive it.

Further information on taking exams is also available from local Home Education support groups (see below).

Exams funding eligibility criteria

  • the child must be resident in Hampshire;
  • the child must be aged within the current National Curriculum year 10 or 11 at the time of the examination;
  • the child must have been registered with Hampshire County Council as electively home educated for at least one year prior to sitting the exam. For example: for an exam scheduled for 16 May 2021 the child would need to be registered as EHE in Hampshire by 16 May 2020;
  • not all examinations can be funded, eg musical instrument examinations such as Grades 1-8 will not be eligible for funding. Examinations must be at GCSE, iGCSE, BTEC or equivalent level;
  • funding for examinations is limited to £287.00 in total for the child and there is no funding available for other associated costs;
  • applications will be considered whilst funding is available and applications are therefore considered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis;
  • you must apply for funding before your child sits their exam(s)

Application and payment process

  1. the parent/carer arranges where and when the child will sit the examination(s);
  2. the parent requests an application form from the Local Authority (LA) EHE team, completes details and returns it to the LA;
  3. the examination centre notifies the local authority of candidates who they know have requested funding and claims reimbursement for named exams;
  4. providing the parent has requested funding, eligibility criteria are met, and funding is still available Hampshire County Council will reimburse the exam centre directly for up to the maximum of £287.00 per candidate;
  5. some Elective Home Education groups have arrangements with exam centres that will be happy to support you (see useful addresses) but payment will only be made directly from Hampshire County Council to the registered examination centre

A selection of examination boards


OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA)

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)

JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications)

Other support and help

Home-Ed Exams Wiki is one of many websites about qualifications for home-educated students.

Faregos Home Education Exam Centre: Run by a group of current and past home educating parents with the aim of organizing exams for students from all over Hampshire and beyond. Faregos is fully registered with all examination boards. See their Facebook page or e-mail exams@faregos.org.

Internet searches will find other groups and organisations run by and for home educators.

These organisations and groups may provide helpful advice, guidance and support. Hampshire County Council does not take any responsibility for the information or services they offer.