What happens if your child remains permanently excluded

Your child will have been receiving full time education from the sixth day of the exclusion. The duty to provide appropriate full time education will remain with the Local Authority, and a long term assessment of the pupil’s needs will take place. The Local Authority will be working to prepare the child to return to a local school. Some children may be ready to return immediately, others would benefit from some time to address their behaviours in a more focused way. The Local Authority, through an array of alternative education packages, will assess the best way forward.

When a child is considered ready to return to a school, this will be discussed with you and you will be asked about which schools you might prefer.

This is then discussed at an area placement panel. This is a panel made up of the local schools and local authority representatives who meet at regular intervals (about every six weeks) to consider children that for one reason or another do not have a place at a local school. After considering your preference and the needs of your child, a place in a school is allocated by the panel.