Preventing further exclusions

How you can help

When your child returns to school you can help prevent further exclusions:

  • keep in regular contact with your child’s class teacher/tutor
  • ensure that you and your child are involved in any future planning meetings or multi-agency meetings including those to initiate or review an Individual Education Plan (IEP). These are plans, created by the school, which describe how your child’s special educational needs, including behaviour, will be met within the school
  • if your child is at risk of permanent exclusion, a more extensive programme called a pastoral support programme (PSP) may be created

Find out from your school whether there are any other agencies who could help to identify the reasons for your child’s behaviour and/or be involved in helping to improve their behaviour.

Help from the local authority
  • Primary Behaviour Service (primary schools only)
  • Education Inclusion Service (EIS) which may offer support in school or in one of its education centres
  • Educational Psychology Service (EPS)
  • Locality Team
Help from the NHS

Child and adolescent mental health service via your family doctor. This service offers family support and counselling and referral for psychiatric assessment, if appropriate.