SIMS Interventions (half day)

SIMS Interventions is a system within SIMS to record and track underperforming students, allocate additional resources and monitor how those resources affect Key Performance Indicators

Interventions allows schools to record how much those resources cost, so that outcomes can be tracked against cost as well as against impact.

Half day course

This course is aimed at staff responsible for the set up and maintenance of interventions within SIMS including Data Manager, SENCO and Administrative Staff. Delegates should have knowledge of the interventions policy in use within their establishment and a basic understanding of SIMS. 

Course content and methodology

  • define interventions, capture and understand basic cost information
  • set up when the intervention will take place, who will run it and allocate students to the intervention for a specific period of time
  • add an intervention to an individual student
  • record whether an intervention has been effective for an individual student
  • record a target for an individual student
  • review interventions against assessment data
  • review which intervention is the most effective
  • view/edit all interventions against an individual student
  • analyse the intervention group in Discover
  • analyse intervention information in an Assessment Marksheet and the Programme of Study
  • create reports on the interventions through the reporting dictionary
  • create analysis reports to provide to Ofsted or an LA as evidence of which students have which interventions and which interventions are most effective
  • enhance Discover to pull through information on the interventions being run in the school


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Telephone: 01962 718 600

Course provided by Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College.