Elective home education


Education at home is an option that parents or carers may consider for their children. The reasons for choosing it are many and varied, as are the styles of education provided. For some families the decision may be based on their philosophical, spiritual or religious outlook; for others it is to meet what they consider to be the specific educational or cultural needs of their child.

In many respects the choice of Gypsy and Traveller families to educate their children at home, particularly from the onset of adolescence, reflects fairly traditional patterns of behaviour within Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Please note: The local authority have no legal responsibility or obligation to provide funding to parents or carers who choose to home educate their child. Therefore, parents or carers should carefully consider the costs that may be involved – equipment, visits, books, tutors etc. In common with many local authorities, Hampshire does not provide direct funding or resources for exercise or text books, pens, pencils or paper, home computers or home tutors.

It is possible to return to mainstream education from a period of home tuition but it can be difficult as school places might not be available. Also funding to access college may not be possible.

Further information

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