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There are more than 500 schools in Hampshire and they all need committed volunteers to be school governors

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Reasons to volunteer

Being a school governor means being interested in getting the best education for the pupils at the school. Governors can become involved in a range of school matters, which can include recruitment, finance and curriculum.

They also provide a strong link between the school and the local community, and an independent view to support the school on long term development and improvement.

Governing bodies meet on at least a termly basis and governors are also expected to get to know their schools through visits. There are a range of training opportunities available to help governors undertake their duties and develop their understanding of the key areas of school management.

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If you are interested in applying to become a school governor or want to find out more:

Apply to become a governor

Maintained schools and Academies

Governance boards of maintained schools and academies are made up from various types of governors. Some are elected posts and for others the appointment is made by the board.

If you know the school or academy you want to apply to, contact it directly to check if they have a vacancy or a post about to become vacant. Alternatively you can use the governor vacancies link to check what posts are available.

To fill a parent vacancy you will need to have a pupil at the school. Staff posts are only available to those who work at the school.

Find out if there are governor vacancies near you 

If there is a vacancy you can apply for, the school will provide you with a copy of its application form to fill in and return directly to the board so that they can start the recruitment process. 

If you are happy to apply for any school or academy in a particular area or town, please complete our online application form. The form provides space for you to list the areas or towns you are interested in. You can also express a preference for the phase of school or academy you would like to be considered for. We will process your application and pass your details on to the schools or academies that meet your preferences, as shown on the form.

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