Family learning

Helping adults and children learn together

For many parents or carers, what their children learn at school can be a mystery. The current methods of teaching, national educational strategies and the words used in schools nowadays can be very confusing.

Family learning aims to address these concerns by helping adults learn with their children. Courses are mostly run within primary schools and children’s centres. Family members can attend programmes to help ease some of their worries. The range of courses encourage parents and carers with few or no qualifications to return to learning.

Some courses are for fun to encourage children and adults to learn new skills together, such as 'Healthy Eating' or 'Arts and Crafts'. Other courses show adults how children are taught Maths and English. They can also show how to support the child with his or her school work. These include 'Keeping up with the children' and 'Family Literacy/Numeracy'.

The programmes have proved very popular. Learners have said they are now able to help their children, and their own skills and confidence have improved. Many adults go on to gain national qualifications through family learning. Schools have reported that family members who attend these courses appear to be more comfortable in their dealings with the school. Many family members become more involved in school life.

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Ask at your local school, children's centre, community centre or library to find out what family learning activities they are running.

All our courses are free. They are delivered in a supportive and friendly environment. Wherever possible we also provide free childcare. Courses are delivered at times and venues to suit families. This can be during the school day, after school, Saturday mornings or early evenings.

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