Funding for adult and community learning providers

Provider funding 2019 to 2020

Skills and Participation allocates Adult and Community Learning (ACL) funding from the Skills Funding Agency on an annual basis. Funding is apportioned to approved providers for each academic year, 1 August to 31 July, to support adult and community learning activities.

We currently operate a Framework Agreement with a range of non-Hampshire County Council providers. We operate Service Level Agreements with a number of Hampshire County Council providers. The Adult and Community Learning Strategic Commissioning Plan outlines the requirements and approach of Hampshire County Council to support its strategic and organisational objectives and targets for 2019 to 2020. It details the type and extent of ACL activities that Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with its key partners, is seeking to secure for 2019 to 2020.

Skills and Participation will provide successful targeted and universal learning opportunities in 2019 to 2020 funding year, with the following outcomes:

Hampshire Thrives

4,485 learners to take part in targeted programmes to support family learning, English and maths skills, digital inclusion, community cohesion, health and wellbeing.

Hampshire Works

1,954 learners to take part in targeted programmes to support adult learners (19+) in receipt of Universal Credit to access employment, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, including English and maths skills

Hampshire Learns

2,661 learners to take part in non-targeted universal ACL programmes, including leisure learning, funded through a ‘Pound Plus’ policy.

The total amount of learners is 9,100.

There will be a dual approach to funding:

  • existing non-Hampshire County Council providers can seek to apply for funding as part of the current Framework Agreement
  • existing Hampshire County Council providers (such as schools, libraries) can seek to apply for funding to continue with their Service Level Agreement arrangements

For further information about funding for adult and community learning provision in Hampshire, contact:

Rob Nash - Development Manager, (Projects and Commissioning)

Learner and Learning Support

Funding is available to support learners in cases where it is recognised that additional support is needed for access to courses or to support continued attendance on a course.

Learner Support

Learner Support relates to discretionary support for learners to enhance their skills, competence or personal development, so as to contribute to their future training, education, employability or self-employment, such as transport, assistance towards crèche facilities. This can only be offered to learners in financial difficulty. In all cases expenditure must be supported by receipts. Claims for crèche costs must be supported by a copy of the crèche register showing the child’s name and the name of the learner in receipt of learner support.

Learning Support

Learning Support refers to arrangements required to provide direct support for learning by individual learners, over and above that which is normally provided. This may arise from a learning difficulty or from literacy, numeracy or language support needs. For example a specialist computer keyboard or mouse for a disabled learner, a specialist software for a blind student or specialist advice to enable progression. In all cases equipment will remain the property of Hampshire County Council supported by proof of purchase.

The funding will be allocated on an individual learner basis.

Providers will be able to request funding through an application form to outline specific details of the support required.

Application for Learner and Learning Support 19-20

Locally accredited programmes

Skills and Participation has a wide range of accredited units under the NCFE's Customised Qualifications. These have been broken down into the following areas:

You can also view a list of all our locally accredited units. If you don't see a unit which meets your needs we may be able to work with you to get your course accredited.