What is an Employment and Skills Plan?

An Employment and Skills plan is a document to create opportunities within the construction industry. The Client Based Approach (CBA) is used to monitor progress against 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These cover work experience, jobs, apprenticeships, construction careers information, training and case studies and have been endorsed by the National Construction Skills Academy Group.

How we work with Contractors

Employment and Skills plans (ESP) form an important part of Hampshire County Council’s procurement frameworks. Skills and Participation works closely with the main contractors to put together an Employment and Skills plan before construction starts. We are there to facilitate and support the ESP by providing contacts and distributing information. By providing warm leads, contractors can be sure that when trying to fulfil their targets there are other invested organisations.

Once construction has started, quarterly review meetings are arranged. These are to check progress against the KPIs and to offer support where possible.

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