Information about Hampshire County Council Apprenticeships and advice for managers

The Hampshire Youth Investment Programme (HYIP)

Through the Hampshire Youth Investment Programme (HYIP), we are committed to providing 1000 employment opportunities to young people by 2018.

The HYIP Apprenticeship scheme is a key part of this programme. It is designed to impact both the:

  • future workforce profile of the Council, and
  • support youth employment across the County

An apprenticeship is a nationally recognised training programme. It combines paid real work with learning and training, both on and off the job. As employees, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside staff to gain job-specific skills.

Core elements
  • Qualification – Diploma or Certificate (e.g. Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration)
  • English, maths, ICT – Level 1 or 2 dependent on respective framework
  • Personal learning and thinking skills
  • Employee rights and responsibility
  • 30 hours per week, minimum in the workplace
  • Minimum of 12 months employment
  • On the job training – in the workplace
  • Off the job training – through the training provider
Are Apprentices paid?

Yes – A full salary is covered by each department. In some cases training costs will be met by the government.

Further information for Hampshire County Council Managers. Please read our Managers How to Guide and HYIP policy


We have a commitment to support our apprentices to achieve. Apprentices can get support from our Recruitment, Support and Progression Team if required. They can get help with career planning and researching opportunities for progression.

To contact the team:

Managers can get support from their Department Apprentice Co-ordinator. They will provide advice and support with identifying suitable apprenticeship opportunities and selecting an appropriate apprenticeship Framework and Training Provider.

Advice on employment related aspects of the Council’s HYIP Apprenticeship scheme can be directed to HR Operations:

After the Apprenticeship is over

Three months prior to the end of the apprenticeship, the IBC Transactional HR and Pay team will contact the employer.

On successful completion of the apprenticeship programme an employee will either:

  • move into the substantive/permanent position
  • be supported to find alternative employment within Hampshire County Council or in an external employer

If the apprentice fails to pass their apprenticeship, the Council may choose to terminate their contract of employment.

Hampshire County Council operates an Apprentice First recruitment policy. Meaning all A and B roles, and in some cases C grade roles, should be considered for an apprenticeship.

Benefits of employing an apprentice

Benefits of having an apprentice are:

  • having an employee who wants to learn
  • having an employee who will learn the job from scratch
  • savings in recruitment
  • investing in the development of a young person
  • building your future workforce
How to organise an Apprenticeship

Please speak to your Departmental Apprentice Co-ordinator in the first instance. You can also contact Hampshire Futures by:

For more information please read our Managers How to Guide and HIYP policy