Traineeship Plus information for referrers and employers

Preparing young people for their future careers, helping them to get ready for work and improve their chances of getting an Apprenticeship or other job

The Traineeship Plus programme will give a young person the experience of working so the move into employment is not as daunting. They will receive support with English and maths through engaging and interesting activities which are relevant to the workplace.

The young person will also develop their employability skills and will work towards a Level 1 Award in Employability Skills.

Who can apply for Traineeship Plus
  • 16 – 24 year olds and up to the age of 25 years old with an Educational Health Care Plan (ECHP)
  • Minimum grade 3-9 or A-D GCSE in English and/or maths (non-GCSE qualifications considered on an individual basis)
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to learn and motivation to work
Programme information

Start dates are in September and March each academic year. Other programmes may run at other times of the year if applications are high.

Young people will complete an 18 week programme which has several different elements:

  • an employability qualification covering areas such as customer service skills; interpersonal and self-management skills; CV writing; interview preparation and job search techniques
  • English and mathematics; which are crucial employability skills
  • a high quality work placement: a young person will have meaningful work experience and develop their workplace skills

Successful completion of Traineeship Plus will help the young person gain confidence and valuable skills and experience in the workplace, which will enable them to progress into apprenticeships or employment. They will also receive careers guidance and support, throughout the programme.

Weeks Content
2 Induction
Maths and English
Employability qualification level 1
During the induction we will identify work placements for individuals in:
Business Administration
Customer Service
Health & Social Care
Other industry sectors available (Highways, Countryside, Catering)
14 Work placement - minimum of 160 hours of flexible work to suit workplace managers needs
Functional skills qualifications for Maths and English, up to a Level 2 
Complete employability qualification level
Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) which focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to keep young people healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work.
1 Review and evaluation

To find out more and refer a young person on either of these programmes:



The Traineeship Team provide ongoing support for the young person in the curriculum elements, pastoral issues, career planning, researching opportunities and their work placement.

Traineeship bursaries

A training bursary is available to those that meet the eligible requirements and will discussed on an individual basis.

After the Traineeship is over

All trainees will be offered an interview at the end of the work placement, if possible, for a job or an apprenticeship that has become available. If there is no available post, a formal exit interview will be offered with meaningful written feedback given that will help the young person to practice and prepare for future opportunities.

Benefits to Employer

The Traineeship Plus programme currently has fantastic support from its employers and are fortunate to also receive excellent help from external partners who offer a range of placements, such as various supermarket brands, day care and nursery settings, construction companies and more.

Having a Trainee is at no cost to an employer or business and is funded by the government but does require investment in the form of time and support. The programme gives your current employees experience in training and mentoring and allows you to design a programme that suits both the need of your business and the needs of the trainee.

It gives the Trainee invaluable experience, whilst providing the employer with some business support  within increasing capacity and productivity and a chance to help improve the young person’s employment chances.

It is also a route into an apprenticeship, which will allow you to get to know and work with young people prior to recruiting apprentices.

Evidence shows that some young people leaving education are more disadvantaged when trying to find employment due to low skills, poor education, health issues and little awareness of employability skills and the labour market.

Traineeship Plus will fit with the requirement for young people to stay in education or training until the end of the year in which they reach 18.

How to organise a Trainee Plus placement

Skills and Participation has received overwhelming support from departments, managers and organisations in offering placements to trainees in the past and would now ask you to consider offering a four month work experience placement to a young person. The start date for new cohorts are September and March.

If you are interested in offering a placement please advise your Departmental Co-ordinator/Manager, or if your organisation is outside of Hampshire County Council, please email

Principles for good quality work placements
  • Choice and relevance – Placements matched to the trainee’s areas of interest and aspiration, with young people undertaking high quality work experience rather than observation or mundane tasks
  • Organisational readiness – Commitment from senior managers or supporting manager and a low ratio of trainees to experienced staff
  • Good preparation – Thorough pre-placement preparation by the provider, employer and prospective trainee and an understanding of young people’s circumstances that may affect their workplace behaviour
  • Written agreement – Made between the trainee, employer and provider, which sets out mutual expectations and commitments, including the training plan and arrangements for reviews
  • A planned placement – A structured induction, clear objectives and integrated off-the-job training, with an identified mentor or buddy
  • Feedback and review – Regular constructive feedback from managers

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Application form

Traineeship Plus application form (Word)

Traineeship Plus application form (PDF)