Presenting – a task that daunts most people, and one you must learn when doing an apprenticeship

Abigail McLaren, Administrative Assistant, Business Support

Jul 22 2019

Abbie presenting

Before starting my Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration, I didn’t have much experience with presenting other than a few small projects in school. Part of the level 2 course required us to develop and deliver a presentation, and to help us with this we had two drama-based sessions. The aim was to get us comfortable with speaking and thinking on the spot so that we could present and answer questions. I am not someone who enjoys drama, but I had so much fun when doing this and it really does help to make speaking easier.

Since then, I have presented to my team on several occasions and even to the wider department at an all staff briefing. The techniques I learnt have enabled me to take on such tasks and given me transferable skills that I can continue to make use of. I hope to further my knowledge when I take on my level 3 presentation later this year.

My three top tips for presenting?

  1. 1. Know your subject well. Go above and beyond with research in case anyone throws a tricky question at you, this will also make you feel more comfortable with your choice of words
  2. 2. Use visual aids. Presentation slides are a good way to help the audience engage, make sure to include some images as blocks of texts can be overwhelming
  3. 3. Finally, remember the audience is human too! They want you to succeed and to learn something so make sure to relax and speak at a good pace

Last October I was lucky enough to receive a Highly Commended award for Intermediate Apprentice of the Year, as well as a nomination for the Chairman’s award. This didn’t involve making a speech – but if it had at least I know I could do it!