Why you should become an apprentice

Abi Hodges – Senior Administrative Assistant – Master Data Team IBC

Jul 22 2019


My apprenticeship journey began in February of this year and it has been a smooth transition from my previous normal B grade role to incorporate my new training which will lead to a Business administration level 3 qualification. The Hampshire Futures programme has allowed me to stay in a job I really enjoy alongside gaining a qualification – what could be better?

The programme is helping me gain confidence as well as teaching me new skills as I progress. As someone who has always struggled with group settings, I was so nervous for the first session and it shocked me how welcomes I felt. I honestly look forward to meeting with other apprentices who joined the programme at the same time as me in the group workshops. The people I have met so far have all been so kind and made me feel more than comfortable with the course. 

I have met people who work in schools & other departments – It is interesting to hear how other apprentices incorporate the programme into their jobs. I really enjoy the assessments, and I am always striving to gain knowledge at every corner.  I never have to worry about asking questions, and my tutor is always on hand if I need him! 

The age range shocked me – I was always under the impression that people only do apprenticeships when they leave school… I was so wrong! Anyone can do an apprenticeship no matter what age or what qualifications they have – the opportunity is there for everyone from a level 2 all the way up to a level 6. I look forward to the next year of my apprenticeship, and I hope to continue my learning journey once I have completed by level 3!

I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I have been given and I think everyone should take advantage of the opportunities offered at HCC. I am so passionate about my job and my passion continues to grow each day with the help of Hampshire Futures (plus…I get student discount!).