A beginning

Alex Cowton

Feb 10 2017

Leaving college at 18, with two animal care diplomas, I knew I was not qualified enough to go for highly competitive veterinary nursing apprenticeships just yet. I looked for months for a suitable, enjoyable job until revisiting one of my first work experience placements at my local library. What would you know? They not only had a job vacancy, but it was an apprenticeship at that! I couldn’t believe my luck and applied right away.

During my interview I met a girl who was applying for an apprenticeship in another library nearby. In the end we both got the job we wanted and it was lovely to see her again! There are six of us apprentices in total and we all meet up every week to do work towards our diploma.

Now I’m seven weeks into my new job and I’ve learnt so much! I’ve made some good friends in my work colleagues and they’re always happy to help me if I’m not sure what I’m doing is right. I feel much more independent and adjusted to life than I did before. This may not be where I want to be in 30 years, but it’s a great beginning.