A day in the life of an apprentice

Ben Taylor

Nov 25 2016

Ben Taylor at computer

I work in Facilities Management (FM) at the FM Helpdesk. FM deals with the general maintenance of buildings, if anything goes wrong, it’s usually FM that deals with it.

My day in the office usually starts at 8:00am, if I’m working the early shift that week, and finishes at 4:00pm.

The first course of action is to make a cup of tea, to help me kick start the day! Usually, the office starts receiving phone calls from 8:30. We have a phone rota for either the morning or the afternoon. For example, on a Monday I would be taking the phones for the morning.

FM is responsible for buildings in Hampshire County Council, and its partners, Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

FM tasks its maintenance officers or contractors to fix reported faults across all of the buildings.

These tasks can sometimes be challenging to complete. However, with experience you gain the knowledge you need to work at the Helpdesk.

Maintenance issues could include a broken door to an alarm that is faulty; FM helps keep the building safe and running.

When dealing with FM work, FM receives all building faults requests by email, or via dedicated systems. I am in charge of sending off the email to our contractor. They will then send out an engineer or maintenance officer to try and fix the fault. We go through around 50+ building faults a day to try and keep the Council and our partner’s buildings running! This role requires a lot of phone calls to contractors and maintenance officers, so you are always busy.

Recently we have been lucky enough to be able to go out to the different Police sites we look after so we can see what our maintenance officers do day to day. This is very helpful for us at the Helpdesk as it gives us an insight into some of the calls that we deal with.

So, this is my role day to day and I can recommend that FM is a perfect place to learn different skills if you are looking to start an apprenticeship.