Parallels between Game of Thrones and the IBC

Ben Whiteside

Feb 17 2017


Like many, I love the show Game of Thrones and while eagerly awaiting for the new season to start up I’ve started to draw some funny parallels between the IBC, the Integrated Business Centre where a large amount of Hampshire County Council staff work and Game of Thrones (Spoilers up to season 6 if you aren’t up to date!).

1. The Houses of the IBC

In Game of Thrones within the Seven Kingdoms there are nine administrative regions, each with their own culture. This is similar to the IBC, where although we are in different departments we are all part of the larger IBC and Hampshire County Council. Finance for example, have the House Lannister culture of being fiscally prudent. HR has the House Baratheon culture of doing the right thing for everyone and following the rules and procedures. Payroll have the House Tully culture of being supporting by making sure all of the wages get paid out correctly and on time, allowing everyone else to work for Hampshire County Council. Our departments work together and compliment each others skills so that we keep the County running smoothly, in the same way that the Houses keep the Kingdom running smoothly.

2. Maesters, Knights, Septors

Secondly, the different roles and ranks within the IBC act similarly to the different officials in game of thrones. One example are the Maesters, in game of thrones they are similar to doctors and professors that are assigned to a noble house and in this respect the IBC equivalent is our Customer Interaction Centre team, they have a large breadth of knowledge of many different disciplines and are able to resolve a large number of queries themselves and can easily refer to the correct department if specialist processing is needed. The Knights of the IBC are our supervisors and managers, in the same way that knights run their houses and serve the realm, each manager and supervisor helps run their team or department and serves the whole county council. Finally are the Septors, the priests that observe that the religious laws and practices are being followed correctly. In this respect our Facilities Management team share the same role, they help keep everything afloat by checking all of the rules and procedures for the building are followed and help maintain the building for everyone.

3. Even small actions can cause big impacts

Finally and most importantly that large impacts can be caused by small events and seemingly insignificant details. For example much like Ned Stark questioning Joffrey’s actual parentage getting him executed, causing the North to become occupied by house Bolton, causing Sansa to escape back to the north with John Snow and all the events surrounding that. In the same way small things that staff here can do, like solving a persistent query, taking the extra time to look further into a potential error or even making a phone call rather than relying on an email.

All in all working with the different departments and seeing their different cultures has been really interesting and it highlights how different people and therefore different departments think differently and I’ve enjoyed the experience of working within the IBC in Hampshire County Council.