Floating in the office (when you do everybody's job!)

Ben Whiteside

Feb 3 2017

Since starting my apprenticeship in the Finance department 10 months ago I’ve learned the basics needed to work in many different, smaller teams and gained a lot of experience with things such as Residential Care payments, Direct Care payments, payment support, paying energy invoices and goods and service invoices. This means I can offer help if a team member is sick or if I’ve completed my tasks for the day.

It has been a great journey. I feel like I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time and it is very rewarding to be able to interact with a large group of people and contribute to the department on a greater level. One such time was when I finished responding to a large amount of queries from a supplier via our online referral service. After that I hopped off to help pay invoices for water suppliers for Hampshire County Council run buildings. Then finally I answered replies from buyers regarding invoices.

I feel that this helps keep my job interesting, as I prefer to have a larger amount of small and varied tasks during the day to keep me occupied and the department has been very supportive in teaching me multiple disciplines so that I can assist with as many teams as possible. Some days I make calls to resolve queries, other days I “mark up” invoices (the process where we check if care invoices have all the required information and write down the information needed for the invoice to be paid), all in all I’ve very much enjoyed my time in the Finance department during my apprenticeship and hope to continue to work here after my apprenticeship ends.