A meeting with Councillor Humby

Catherine Ede

Mar 9 2018

Cllr Humby and Catherine Ede

Just six months into my apprenticeship, the level 3 diploma in Advanced Business Administration and I had a meeting with Councillor Humby at his office in Winchester, Elizabeth ll Court.

We shared 45 minutes together talking about our respective roles, the challenges we face and ideas we have for the future. Councillor Humby told me about his twin roles, as District Councillor (for Winchester City Council) and County Councillor/Cabinet Member and how much he loves his job.

Councillor Humby spoke about the variety of his work and how his role as a Cabinet Member encompasses highways, transport and the environment. The best part about his job is that he meets a wide variety of people. A future project that he has just been invited to work on is the Adult’s Health and Care steering group which he is looking forward to. Councillor Humby compared his role to one of ‘joining up the dots’ for the rest of the Cabinet as his role links with nearly every other department.

Councillor Humby asked me about the access to the apprenticeship and I told him that I found it easy to apply and get accepted onto the programme. He asked about my role within the library service and how the apprenticeship will aid me. I told him how the apprenticeship covers a wide area of subjects which I use in my day-to-day work and that when I have an idea which is generated by my work on the apprenticeship programme it is met with interest by other colleagues. We talked about challenges for our respective departments and decided that one in particular is communicating what services we offer, as sometimes customers do not realise the breadth of our services; this is something we can do through marketing and communications.

We also talked about social media and how it is being used by our services and this is one way of engaging with customers. Councillor Humby also spoke to me about the effective partnership between Hampshire Cultural Trust and Winchester Discovery Centre for exhibitions and we both agreed that future partnerships in libraries would be an excellent idea.

I really enjoyed meeting with Councillor Humby, yet another excellent opportunity for development, afforded to me from the apprenticeship programme.