So my first few weeks as a Level 3 apprentice, Chloe-Mae Shawyer, 27 October

Chloe-Mae Shawyer

Oct 27 2017


It has been great, I have a new group to work with and we have started to become quite close. After having a gap between completing my level 2 apprenticeship and starting my level 3, It has been strange getting back into the routine. Once I started the coursework it was fine, I have already had two units of work accepted; the first was to do with using email and demonstrating your use of the software. The second unit was the principles of business and different types of business markets. 2 units down 11 to go!!!

We have started off with our mandatory units it has been great. The units are interesting and you can see the difference from Level 2. Level 3 is more detailed and there is a lot more independent working. At the moment I am working on unit 23 provide administrative support for a meeting. This involves taking minutes of a meeting. I am shadowing colleagues during meetings and having a go at minute taking, this is something I had not done before. We still attend a training session weekly, but only for the first 6 months. After that we will meet up as a group once a month. I know that I will have to make time to complete my apprenticeship work, as well as working full time. During this time I will be working on optional units these being units 14, 15 and 35. I will be analysing business data and creating a presentation on my findings and also looking at ways our department can become more environmentally sustainable.

I am still enjoying being a Senior Administrative Assistant, in the DMT Support Team. We are responsible for the handling of complaints, comments and compliments, Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests. Also correspondence from members of the public, MPs and Councillors for the department.; I am getting more involved in complex requests and complaints. This is good as I am confident to deal with them when covering the work by myself.

Our service organises office moves for County Council staff. The Council is gradually reducing the number of offices it uses, so this involves moving people around and redesigning the working areas so that more people can fit into them.

I get involved in changes to accommodation, helping to create floor plans and completing the actual office moves on site. I feel that where I am based I am gaining lots of different and transferrable skills. I continually pick up new tasks and areas of work, this helps to give me an overview of the department.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next fourteen months have in store!