Confidence and my Apprenticeship

Danni Reade

Jan 11 2019

notebook - business administration level 3 apprenticeship

I started doing my Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship with Hampshire County Council at the end of January 2018, working within Hampshire Futures. Before starting my Apprenticeship I had previously attended two different colleges to get the qualification I wanted to achieve. At my first college I completed a Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design as well as an Extended Project. Following that I went to another college to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts specialising in Dance.

I initially wanted to become a Dance Teacher but, for various reasons unfortunately this particular career didn’t work out for me. At the time I was also working in retail to accommodate the hours of dance I was doing each day. However, having a job in retail was not something that interested me enough to make a career out of it so I decided to look for another job.

Unfortunately a lot of the jobs I was looking at needed to have 3-5 years experience in the field of the job and for me having only worked in retail wouldn’t have worked. I initially lost a lot of confidence in myself and thought I would never find a job that would suit me and what I wanted to do in the future. A family member then suggested looking at apprenticeship and at first I thought apprenticeships were for 16 year olds that have just come out of secondary school as an alternative to college but, I was wrong. Apprenticeship are for people of any age and can help progress you career while giving you the option to learn while working.

I started looking at Apprenticeships and found a few that I liked and would apply for and sat down and did some research on what each apprenticeship entailed. Unfortunately the response to apprenticeship applications wasn’t great at first which brought my confidence down more and because of this I gave up on looking for a job or Apprenticeship.

As my last hope I looked on the government website as I had heard about it through an advert on the radio, and found my current role. I decided to apply to the Apprenticeship and ended up getting the job.

I have now been working at Hampshire Futures for nearly two years and I have being doing my apprenticeship for eight months. I absolutely love every minute of it. Since the beginning of my Apprenticeship I have had a lot more confidence in myself and put forward suggestions during lessons which I never id going through primary and secondary school. Each stage throughout the Apprenticeship I feel like I gain more confidence and it’s helping receive information to put into my pieces of work that I wouldn’t have known as I didn’t have the confidence to ask before starting the Apprenticeship. Doing an Apprenticeship has helped build my confidence in various areas in and outside the job and I can’t wait to see where the apprenticeship takes me next!