An apprentice is someone who just left school or college – wrong!

Debbie Petter

Mar 9 2017

Debbie Petter

When you think of an apprentice, you may think of the stereotypical apprentice being a young person who may have just left school or college, wanting to gain a qualification in their chosen career but also would like “hands on” experience. How wrong you would be.

I am a single parent to three young adults and a grandmother twice over. I started working in administrative roles immediately after leaving school. I am now an apprentice.

As well as studying for a level three diploma in Business Administration one day a week alongside my full time position, I also run my household. Initially I was unsure how I would be able to fit in studying, or even be able to go back to studying after such a long break. I will not say it is easy but I will say it is achievable.

Although most of my apprentice colleagues are younger, we are all able to help each other. I can bring my knowledge and experience of administrative work and life to the course, whilst some of the younger apprentices help me with today’s technology.

I am lucky enough to have full support from my manager and tutor and I am not treated any differently to other younger apprentices. The course I am studying is giving me a greater insight of the business world as a whole and I am able to apply my learning to everyday duties within my role.

This qualification is just the beginning for me, the start of something new. The apprenticeship will give me the opportunity to obtain a managerial level qualification which will give me a wider range of jobs which I am able to apply for in the future.